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From Ali Zane

Ever since the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) made credit repair possible, abusive creditors have been working to make it complicated and difficult. Our vast experience fighting for consumers has helped us develop an arsenal of tools and strategies to make credit repair services fast and effective – the way it should be.

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STEP 1: Free Credit Evaluation

First we will provide you with a comprehensive credit evaluation and we devise a course of action specific to your credit file to yield the highest number of deletions and credit improvement.


STEP 2: Fico Credit Score Optimization & Credit Building

Next we will strategize on how to most effectively increase your credit score and help you build new positive credit. We will assist you in obtaining new accounts and tradelines and will help you better utilize the pre-existing accounts to optimize your Fico credit score.


STEP 3: Imax™ Comprehensive Dispute Process

We use our vast arsenal of credit report repair strategies to challenge questionable items. Depending on your credit file we will directly initiate disputes with not just the 3 credit bureaus, but also with the collection agencies and original creditors. Results occur within 30-90 days.


STEP 4: Results Analysis and Future Credit Maintenance

Here we provide you with a complete itemization of removed accounts and provide you with your before and after credit reports for comparison. Next we will provide you with a detailed plan to follow to maintain your good credit settle any remaining accounts and keep increasing your credit score through future.

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to an accurate credit report and dispute erroneous and identity theft related accounts. You can do this either yourself or with the help of a credit repair company. The law gives you the right to challenge any credit listing on your credit reports that you believe to be questionable or misleading.

If a credit bureau, collection company or creditor fails to verify the accuracy of a disputed item, then it must be removed from your credit report.

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Every state has its own set of credit repair laws

For example, California Credit Repair services draw up on the California Rosenthal Act legislation, which allows for strict action against any creditor that continues harassing phone calls, despite request to stop phone communication. CA credit repair statutes also ascertain that a creditor cannot pursue a debtor in court for a defaulted debt that is over 4 years old.

Laws pertaining to credit repair companies stipulate that fees cannot be charged until items have been removed from the credit report. Credit Repair in California also provides for a 5 day cooling-off period for clients after they sign a contract, any reputable credit repair company is expected to follow these rules.

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“He was very thorough with my results letting me know the best ways to go about on each problem to help raise my credit. He does not ask for anything in return for this quote! I am following his advice and have already found my credit on its way up.”
Kristel L. • Daly City, CA
“Big or small, iMax can help. I had a small credit problem that was having a big impact. Ali was able to diagnose the issue and provide a recommendation to get it solved efficiently.”
Mike S. • Menlo Park, CA
“I’m so grateful and lucky to have found Ali! I have called and emailed him several times and each time he was very quick to answer or respond. He is the real deal that will help you with a second chance on rebuilding or repairing your credit.”
Steve S. • Concord, CA
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Ali is a credit repair coach, writer, public speaker and consumer advocate for fair credit reporting practices. He's a practicing LDA in California Superior Court and currently serves as the CEO of Imax Credit Repair Firm.