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Steven M.“I’ve been working with Ali and IMAX credit repair since last year. I made some mistakes in my youth that really hurt my credit. Ali has been phenomenal to work with. Great person and extremely knowledgeable. He’s significantly helped me improve my score. His fees were fair and when something cost less for me to do on my own, he was honest and told me upfront. I highly highly recommend Ali and IMAX credit repair!!”yelp

Steven M.   •   Walnut Creek, CA   •   ★★★★★

Beth O.“He spent close to a month working with the credit card company and I am thrilled to say that he did it!! They agreed to take the 30 day late notice off my credit card and it just came off!! My score is climbing back up and this all due to Ali! He has so much integrity, he did not take a penny from me until he was able to get the job done. I can not recommend him enough. He was responsive, honest, and did something I thought was impossible, he fixed my credit score.”yelp

Beth O.   •   San Francisco, CA   •   ★★★★★

Ryan D.“IMAX credit repair firm helped give me all the advice to help my family start the path to owning our first home. All for the absolutely zero out of pocket (my situation). He is trustworthy and knowing of each scenario, and truly wants what’s best for you. Thanks so much Ali for your time and help to get us on the right path!!”yelp

Ryan D.   •   Novato, CA   •   ★★★★★

Shawna D.“Ali is great!! He is professional, yet personable and really gets the job done. I’ve gotten side tracked at times and Ali has been very patient in working with me on my timeline while motivating me to get things done within a reasonable time. Originally I was very leery of using a credit repair firm from hearing of so many scams, so I am thankful that I lucked out with Imax. Thank you Ali for your continuous hard work in improving my credit score! You are awesome!”yelp

Shawna D.   •   Walnut Creek, CA   •   ★★★★★

Steven Michael M.“I hired Ali with iMax only about 7 months ago and the results have far exceeded my expectations. At the time, I had quite low credit scores in the low-600s with several collection accounts on each of the credit reporting agencies. I love the fact that I didn’t have to pay anything until AFTER he did the work and saw progress/improvement. This industry had changed quite a bit from the hustle of 1980s. Well today, seven months later, my collection accounts are gone and my credit scores are in the high 700’s. Amazing and better than expected.  Royal Kudos to Ali and iMax!”yelp

Steven Michael M.   •   Corvallis, OR   •   ★★★★★

“Do not hesitate to check them out!”


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Ali is a credit repair coach, writer, public speaker and consumer advocate for fair credit reporting practices. He's a practicing LDA in California Superior Court and currently serves as the CEO of Imax Credit Repair Firm.