How to Instantly Remove Dispute Comments from Credit Reports

I frequently see that lenders will often decline a loan, especially a mortgage loan, if there is a dispute comment showing on the credit report. Often they [...]

How to Remove Inquiries from Your Credit Report

Credit inquiries are  the most misunderstood items relating to credit scoring. The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), which compiles credit scores for the three major credit bureaus, likes [...]

The Most Effective Sample Credit Bureau Dispute Letter

If you're looking to repair your credit report the Fair Credit Reporting Act's (FCRA) Section 611 allows for consumers to challenge questionable items on their credit reports. May [...]

How to remove IRS Tax Liens from your Credit Report

Given the complicated US tax system, it’s not surprising that hundreds of thousands of citizens have some kind of tax lien on their credit report. A tax [...]

5 Things That Are Hurting Your Credit Score

Kelly is a middle class blue collar Californian, who has made a conscious effort to keep a positive credit standing with all his creditors, ranging from his [...]

How to Remove a 30 Day Late Payment From the Credit Report

Britney and Jim had very good credit and were extremely happy that they were in escrow and about to secure their first family home. Much to their [...]

How to Delete a Collection in Exchange for Payment

If you recently decided to settle collections that you have on your credit report, you will be surprised to know that paying off the collection may actually [...]


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Ali is a credit repair coach, writer, public speaker and consumer advocate for fair credit reporting practices. He's a practicing LDA in California Superior Court and currently serves as the CEO of Imax Credit Repair Firm.