Remove Dispute Comments from Credit Reports

Remove Dispute Comments from Credit Reports

Imagine this..
You apply for a home loan, and given you’ve got great credit, you’re thinking you’ll get approved.
But to your surprise
The mortgage company declines your loan, because there is a dispute comment (aka dispute remark) showing on the credit report.
Now they tell you that you must remove dispute comments before they can approve you.
And you don’t know where to start…
Today I’m going to give you the template to remove such a comment.
DO NOT remove dispute comments from a negative item unless a lender specifically asks you to do so.
And this is why
This dispute comment takes the account out of being factored into the credit score, so if an account with a negative history gets its dispute comment removed, then the credit score may go down.
On the other hand the score may go up if the dispute comment is removed from a positive account.
What will be helpful for you is
This article contains the back channel contact information for the credit bureaus, a sample dispute letter along with instructions on how to get dispute comments removed quickly from your report.
But first
There are a few things you need to know about dispute comments:

What are dispute comments and why do they show up on credit reports

As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act( FCRA), anytime you question the validity of an account that shows on your credit report, either with the creditor or with the credit bureaus, the account will be investigated.
While this investigation takes place, which normally takes 30 days, the account being investigated gets marked as “disputed.”
What’s important is that
The Fico credit scoring systems does not factor in accounts that are “in dispute.’
Although the account may show up on your credit report, it will not contribute to your score.
Now here is where this gets complicated, After 30 days the following scenarios may play out:
Scenario 1:
The result of the investigation leads to the account being deleted, then you have nothing to worry about. No account on your credit report and no dispute comment.

Scenario 2:

If the result of the investigation does not lead to the account being deleted, then under the comment/remarks section for the particular account, the creditor may ask the credit bureaus to put a remark stating “consumer disputes account.”
As a result
With this remark, the account stops factoring into the credit score and artificially increase the credit score.
If you were to apply for a mortgage loan, the lender will want this comment removed, in order to get an accurate credit score.


Two different types of dispute comments

dispute comments removed, especially from negative accounts.
If the account reflects the first variation of “account disputed,’ then the dispute comment may stay on the credit report indefinitely.
If a re-investigation is in the process, it indicates the credit bureaus are conducting an investigation and within 30 days, they will either update or remove the account.
In addition
The bureaus may change the comment to simply “account disputed,” which will keep the account from being factored into the score
They can also update the comment to show the ‘dispute resolved’, as explained next.
Variation 2. “Account was in dispute-now resolved”
The account will reflect this comment, following the completing of a dispute investigation by the credit bureaus.
However with this comment, the account will be factoring into the credit score.
Due to this reason banks and prospective lenders will not take notice of this particular type of dispute comment.


When removing a dispute comment will increase your score

If you an account that is in dispute (showing a variation 1 dispute comment),
With a positive history, free of any late payments or charge-off or collection status on the credit report,
Then you’re in luck
Removing the dispute comment may result in a score increase.


When removing a dispute comment will decrease your score

If on the other hand, you’re removing a dispute comment from a negative account, then removing the dispute comment may result in a score decrease.
you may need to do this as a pre-condition to get approved.


How long it take to remove a dispute comment

Now this can vary, if you get a hold of someone with the credit bureaus by phone, then it could be as quick as 4 business days.
Otherwise if you write or fax in your request to the credit bureaus, it may take up to 30 days.


Calling the credit bureaus for instant dispute comment deletions

I always recommend my clients to call the bureaus first to remove dispute comments.
But understand that
You may spend sometime on hold, but it often fixes the problem. Below are numbers and prompts I’ve used to get live a live person with each of the credit bureaus.

EXPERIAN: Call 855-414-6148 ( select options 2, 1, 2, 1 after you’re prompted for your SSN# and dob etc)

This will get you to a live agent. If this doesn’t work then pull your free Experian report at Experian report from or sign up for a account.
This will give you special phone #s that change seasonally and a report id# to get through to customer service quicker.
Tell them that you are purchasing a home and you would like for a dispute remark to be removed from a specific account on your credit report and that you are no longer disputing those accounts.
Ask them how long it takes for this to be done. If you’re told it will take more than a couple of days
You must then
tell them that you are needing to move forward with the closing on your home and can it be expedited sooner.
Repeat process for the other two credit bureaus below

EQUIFAX: Phone # 800-846-5279 (picked up by a live agent, but hold times are long )

Tell them that you would like for the dispute to be removed from some accounts on your credit report due to a home purchase. Ask for a manager directly.

TRANSUNION: Phone number: 800-916-8800. Extension 4 then extension 2.

Ask for their special handling unit and tell them you’ve got a loan pending and must get a dispute remark removed ASAP.

If a Phone Number doesn’t work:

In the event you’re not able to get through with the numbers above, try to pull a credit report from or the particular credit bureaus website.
Whats good about this is that
This report will give you a phone number as well as your personal credit report id#.
This may help in getting your call through quicker, especially when dealing with Experian.


Writing to the credit bureaus to remove dispute remarks

If calling the credit bureaus doesn’t work, then you may also write to them
But know that
This take a few weeks to correct the report. Below is a sample dispute letter to remove dispute comments, use it and modify to fit your own words.


Credit Bureau Letter for Removing Dispute Comments

Send out the letter to each of the three credit bureaus via certified mail or fax.
Enclose a copy of each of the following:
1. SSN card (or anything showing your full SSN#),
2. Recent utility bill (or page from a bank statement),
3. State-issued identification.
Full Name
Mailing Address:
Date of Birth, SSN#
{If Sending to Experian: P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013} OR BY FAX : 1-972-390-4908
{If Sending to Equifax: P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374-0256} OR BY FAX : 1-888-826-0549
{If Sending to Transunion: P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016} – Transunion no longer accepts fax
To whom it may concern,
In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 611 (15 U.S.C. § 1681I), I am practicing my right to “UPDATE” information that does not reflect the current status of certain accounts. More specifically pertaining to comments on accounts. I am requesting that you remove the “disputed comments” on each of the accounts below with immediate effect. The accounts have either never been disputed, to begin with, or are no longer in dispute.
I am asking the dispute comment to be removed from the following items:
{Creditor Name} {ac# }
{Creditor Name} {ac# }
{Creditor Name} {ac# }
{Creditor Name} {ac# }
Once again this is not a request to investigate, but to update, so I expect you to update my file as soon as possible and not the regular 30 day period you’re allowed for disputes


If the credit bureaus do not remove the dispute comment

So you’ve written to the bureaus and called them and they’ve flat out refused to remove the late payments?
Here’s what’s worked for my clients
Call the creditor and specifically ask for their ‘credit bureau department.’
If they don’t have one then ask for a manager. Let them know you are no longer disputing the item and you want them to make a notation of that and they should remove the dispute comment from the credit bureaus.
Something to consider here
If the account is an unpaid negative account like a collection or charge-off, then you want to weigh your options about calling the
Calling the creditors may encourage them to re-start collection activity now that you’ve propped your head up on their radar.
What you need to know is
Legally creditors have a certain amount of time to collect, also known as the “statute of limitations,’
Unless you’re in a position to payoff the debt, then before calling a creditor , make sure to check statute of limitation for debts in your state and confirmed it has expired.


The Final Step: Take Action to remove the dispute comments

Now comes the time to figure out what to do about this problem.
From experience I can tell you that the sooner you take action to address remove dispute comments, the better the chances of success.
So here’s what I suggest you do next:


Take My Quiz: Hire a pro or do it yourself ?

Ok, so whether you take the self-help route or hire a professional really depends on your personal situation, your budget, income and the complexity of the problems.
I’ve designed this quiz to help you make the best decision.


63 thoughts on “Remove Dispute Comments from Credit Reports

  1. Ali, I have the following remark in my PayPal Synchrony credit account “Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements”.

    Account status: Open
    Type: Credit Card
    Creditor: Synch Paypal
    Remarks : Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements
    Times 30/60/90 days late: 1/1/3

    This was a PayPal Bill Me Later account which I thought was closed and paid, but somehow it was sold to Synchrony Bank, and now its a charge-off on my credit.

  2. I disputed my late payment with Capital One Bank and a Verizon Wireless charge-off , and they verified the account and marked the account as disputed. Now I’m not able to get approved for a mortgage , what options do I have ?

    1. Hi Tron, sorry to hear this is holding you up.
      I have options available to remove both accounts, not just the dispute comments.
      I deal with Verizon and Capital One’s credit bureau dept on a weekly basis
      Shoot me an email at [email protected] to chat

  3. Hi Ali, we’re 20 pts shy of a mortgage approval, and these nagging collection accounts with Portfolio Recovery and Midland Credit both of dispute comments we want removed.
    I’ve tried the dispute letters before but they don’t work , please help

    1. Hey Sierra, so keep in mind that removing the dispute comments will decrease the score. This is because when the dispute comment is on the account, the account is not factoring in to the credit score. So this is why lenders don’t want to see dispute comments.
      Now with Midland Credit Management and Portfolio Collections, they’re debt buyers, and we should be able to get the entire tradelines removed, since they’re not likely to have the original debt instruments.
      Shoot me an email at [email protected]

  4. I had credit repair applied to my account for one of the transaction. The issue was resolved. Will the bank or creditor remove the remark automatically as the dispute was solved or should we contact the equifax to remove the remark added to my account?

      1. Hello I have a charge off (car loan) from Portland Oregon and I live in Florida what statue limitations should I go by were I live or by Portland Oregon. Also my last payment was August 2013 so when would it be removed from my credit . Thank you

        1. Hi Vanessa, the statute will be for the state you live in.
          The fall off date should be before aug of this year.
          Run a Transunion and Experian report at , this should give you the fall off date.

  5. I had credit scores of 350 (Transunion) 440 (Equifax) in January. I applied for a surgery loan in February and was not approved because of my low FICO scores. The debts incurred are from over 4 years ago and I live in California, what can I do ?

      1. So my wife has done everything possible to have the disputes removed. Writing, calling, and paying them off. And they take it off for a days. Then it goes right back on and shes been doing/dealing with this since march. We dont know what to do at this point.

  6. Hello, where can I get a free consultation for removing dispute comments, I can’t get a mortgage due to this

  7. I had paid non-stop and on time, but a recent charge-off derailed my credit, will the instructions here work for that ?

  8. I am 37 and have amassed $45,000 in credit card debt (over three cards). I have student loans, a mortgage loan, and an equity line of credit. I have never been late with any payments. However, I got a bit stressed with the high credit card debt. I almost filed for chapter 7 on the credit card debt only while keeping my mortgage, equity line of credit, and student loan payments current.
    What can I do to bring down the debt ?

  9. Hello – I am closing on a mortgage, but cannot close because there is still one file in dispute process on Equifax, due to be completed by 10/8. We were initially supposed to close on September 28th, but cannot due to the dispute, which is the only thing holding us back. We live in the home we are purchasing, (we were leasing) but will have to move if we can’t get this stopped. They granted an extension on closing 10/8. Do you have any information on Equifax and whether or not we can remove disputes? one person said yes, and then others say no. I can’t get any clarity. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Ok, I’d reccomend pulling a report directly from, it will come with a confirmation # and special phone # you can call for them to access your file. Tell them you have a mortgage pending and tell them you disputed the account in error and for them to cancel the dispute.

  10. Hello Ali! For the last nearly 3 weeks, i’ve called all three credit bureaus regarding a few “disputed accounts”
    I have listed them to each agent with each of the bureaus, they agree to remove these comments and say the information will be updated on my account within 72 hours. I’ve found that each time I call for a status update, the prices has to be repeated and I’m going nowhere fast.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    My credit is fair. So I know my mortgage loan approval is not based on that, it’s solely based off the fact that my credit repair service inadvertently disputed these creditors whom I was amicably working with. Any advice?

    1. Hi Sharon, the bureaus are so notorious for doing this.
      I would say you file a complaint against each of the bureaus at
      they’ll take a month or so to respond and act.
      Make sure in the complanit list each account number and creditor name and state you want to get the dispute comment removed.
      Also it would be worth it to reach out to the creditors and see if they will at their end instruct the bureaus to remove the dispute comments. And if you don’t get any where with the creditors you can lodge a complaint against the creditors as well

      Hope this info helps

  11. I have 40 odd inquiries, what will removing the inquiries do to my credit report, in terms of getting approved for a loan ?

    1. Hi John, the removal of the inquiries may help with loan approvals, only if you are already at a high credit score.
      Keep in mind inquiries don’t affect the score a great deal, however, lenders look at recent inquiries unfavorably.
      Hope this answers your question.

    1. Hi Bobby, fax it if you’re able, if you can fax you may get a quicker response, as mail sorting time takes longer with the bureaus.

  12. Hello I’ll had try to calling Experian for a dispute comment removed, but call don’t go through is there another phone number or what should I do because im in process of closing for a house.

    1. HI Jesus, try getting a report from for Experian and that should have a dedicated phone # for your report and a report # you can references. If that doesn’t allow you a report, sign up for an account at and that should give you special access to Experian customer service dept

    1. Hi John, yes, but Identity theft and fraud related accounts will also need a Police report and an Identity theft affidavit to accompany the report and some other things to be done.
      Reach out to me and I’ll fill you in on this

  13. Hi, My credit score was around 545. I had a judgement from 2014 and charge offs so my credit dropped over the years. I could not get a better job and was rejected for mortgage loan 4 times. However, I spoke with a mortgage specialist about purchasing and her advice was to get my credit score up to 750 at least, because according to her everything i needed to qualify for a USDA loan was to get my credit score up. Now we have a home in Gaston County NC and I am with stable income!!! The decline in credit was due to pregnancy related complications leading to job loss in February 2011. I fixed my credit score with the help of [email protected] com just in 2 days i’m at 791 now all thank to him. You all can reach him via his mail and free yourself from rent bills and unnecessary debts.

  14. Can I use these tactics to get the actual negative accounts removed from the credit report?

  15. Hello guys, while I was at Home Depot recently, I was offered a $7,500 credit card and was accepted. All thanks to Ali because they helped in repairing my credit within few days. Thank me later

  16. Just wanted to thank you for putting this information out here, I’ve researched the internet for credit repair help and this blog by far has the most advanced techniques for credit repair.

  17. Thanks for sharing this Ali, super helpful! I’ve been trying to remove dispute comments to get approved for a mortgage and will try your suggestions here.

  18. So I have a dispute comment on a Macy’s accounts that’s over 10 years old and no lates.
    Shall I try to remove it and should I do it by phone or mail ?

    1. Hi Jonathan, dispute comments on positive accounts should be removed, as the dispute comment keeps the account from factoring in your score.
      You can try calling first and if that doesn’t work utilize the dispute comment removal letter

    1. Ali, thanks for sharing this, I had no idea that dispute comments on positive accounts may hurt my score. Super excited to get these off my report and increase the score!!! Do you know what kind of score increase can I expect if I remove the comments off two positive accounts?

      1. Hi Cameron, super happy this is going to help you! As for the score increase, it varies from person to person and depends on how old the account is.
        Could be anywhere from 5-20 points if they are accounts that are 5-10 years old.

  19. So I have tried calling the bureaus and they say the creditor is not agreeing to remove the dispute comment. What should I do?

    1. Hi George, read the last part of the blog with instructions on how to engage the creditor directly. This should do the trick !

    1. Hi Abby, this really varies depending on how old the account is and what the balance utilization is. In a positive scenario, this could range from a 5-20 point increase, it would be towards the higher end if you have no or 1-2 positive accounts showing on your credit report already

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