How to Remove a 30 Day Late Payment From the Credit Report

I’ve written this blogpost for the people who cannot afford my paid services and don’t mind going through the trouble of doing this themselves.

For them, I’ve distilled my experience into a 3-step process to remove late payments.

Because lets face it:

Trying to remove recent late payments yourself can drive you insane:

  • creditors give you the run around.
  • you spend hours on the phone each time you call, only to be disconnected.
  • you talk to tons of people who give you conflicting information.

And if you’ve hired a credit repair company or so called “law firm”, chances are:

  • you’ve wasted $1000+  without results in upfront fees
  • they put in ineffective credit bureau disputes and goodwill requests
  • you find yourself at the same place where you started


You’re still here looking for a way to remove late payments.


Here’s a quick overview of the 3-step process:

  1. Dispute late payment with creditor directly on the phone
  2. Engage creditor’s executive resolution department
  3. File regulatory complaint against creditor

But first here’s what you should not do:

Do NOT dispute the 30 day late payments with the credit bureaus

This is the biggest mistake you can make. If you go behind the creditor’s back and dispute a recent late payment with the credit bureaus, they will easily verify it. Then when its time for you to deal with the creditor directly, they will hold this credit bureau dispute against.  Unfortunately, many credit repair companies, including Lexington Law Firm, who’ve let down their clients time and again, claim if you dispute recent late payments with the credit bureaus (Experian. Equifax and Transunion), the creditors have 30 days to respond back and if they don’t then the late payment would be removed. Unfortunately, this method has been made obsolete by technology.

Today, the credit bureaus have switched to automatic dispute verifications where all the bureaus do is correspond to the creditor via their data exchange interface known as E-Oscar ( Hence unlike the older days are no phone calls or written communication that is exchanged, this interface verifies millions of accounts that are disputed every month by consumers in quick fashion.

However, credit bureau disputes do work for questionable older collection accounts and charge-offs if you utilize the right strategy, and also for very old late payments on closed accounts. The just don’t work for recent late payments that are less than 4 years old.  I have dealt with numerous creditors over the years, utilized every strategy in the book from engaging the office of the CEO, filing regulatory complaints and filing suits in court and can humbly state I’ve achieved the highest deletion rates for removing recent late payments from credit reports. So let me explain what I’ve discovered over the years:

The Way to Remove a Late Payment:

Step 1: Dispute the 30 Day Late Payment with the Creditor:

Unless you’re a victim of fraud and or identity theft, the only way to remove the recent late payment from the credit report is by getting the original creditor to agree to remove the late payment. The simple first step is to call the creditor and ask for a goodwill removal of the late payment. Simply tell them this was an oversight and you had the funds to pay them. Do NOT tell them you did not receive the statement, as they will then conduct their own investigation and if the statement was not returned to them as undeliverable, they will deem your dispute frivolous. Do NOT dispute the item with the creditor unless you are sure this was a mistake by the creditor. Simply ask for a goodwill removal of the late.  If they agree to remove the late, ask them to send you a letter stating they are removing the late payment from the credit report. Clarify that you want the late payment removed from the credit report and that you are not referring to the late payment penalty fee that may have incurred.  Normally if the creditor agrees to remove the late payment they will themselves update the account history on the credit report. The likes of Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo often update accounts within a couple of weeks.

Additionally, I’ve found that credit cards like Amazon/Synchrony Bank, Macy’s Credit, Gap Store Cards, Nordstroms are more likely to bow to goodwill request. On the contrary,  big banks and credit card companies, like Capital One, US Bank are less likely to make goodwill adjustments. Either way, if the goodwill request does not work,  do not get disheartened and move on to the next step.


Step 2- Engage the Creditor’s Executive Resolutions Dept or Credit Bureau Department:

If the first call has not worked, then that means you are in for the long haul. The next phase here would be to ask the phone representatives to get you to the company’s ‘Executive Resolution Department’ or their own credit bureau department.  Large financial institutions have like Chase, Macy’s, Discover, Bank of America, Capital One, all have both departments you can speak to on the phone.  If they don’t allow you to speak to the departments then mail your complaint to their corporate office by certified mail,  attention to the CEO.  However, you will need to make a solid case and document your argument with proof. Below are the most effective arguments that have led to creditors removing late payments:


A) Arguing External Factors led to the late payment:

Creditors will not remove a late payment if they believe you did not have funds to pay them. So you have to prove to them that you were financially capable of making the payment in time had you been aware of the situation. In other words, the late payment occurred due to ‘unwillful negligence’ and not your lack of capacity to pay.

For instance, if the late payment incurred due to you being out of town, it would be advisable to provide the creditor with proof of your travels and evidence that of sufficient funds in your bank account to make the payment that was due. Likewise other another external factor could be a problem with your bank’s auto payment system, the problem with mail forwarding or personal tragedies that can be proven with documented proof.


B) Proving  Creditor Related Mistakes Led to Late payment:

If you believe that the creditor’s negligence led to the late payment, then, by all means, make this case. In order to find possible clues as to where the creditor may have erred, find out what phone #s did the creditor call to alert you of the missed payment and what address were the payment due notices going to. If they have an outdated address, phone # or email where they were trying to contact you, then this can be a good basis for a request to remove the late payment.


C) Natural Disaster Victim or Miltary Service Placement:

If you were involved in a natural disaster or were called up for military duty, then all creditors do allow for the removal of the late payments based on these circumstances. Given that the late payments coincide with the dates of the natural disaster or the military service, you’ll need to provide them the proof of your deployment or proof of the natural disaster affecting the area where you lived.


D) Late Payment Incurred Due to Annual Fee:

In my experience, most creditors, like Capital One, First Premier and American Express do remove the late payment as long as the annual fee amount was the only balance outstanding at the time of the payment. If they don’t agree to remove the late payment that arose from the annual fee, then immediately proceed to the next step of filing a complaint against them.

Step 3 - Filing Regulatory Complaints Against the Creditors

At this stage, you can get the different regulatory agencies involved like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and lodge a complaint against the creditor. If it’s a credit union you’re dealing with then you’ll need to file a complaint with the National Credit Union Association.

If the late payment occurred not due to the creditor’s negligence or fault, then the complaint cannot be made under the premise that the creditor acted illegally and violated your rights under the FCRA. However, you can argue that despite the reasonable case that you’ve made, the creditor is acting “unreasonably.” The CFPB will investigate your complaint and forward it to the creditor for a response. Since the CFPB tracks complaints against creditors, the creditors are motivated to resolve all complaints.

Normally you can expect a response from the creditors within 15 days and if the creditor does not respond favorably, the CFPB allows you the option to dispute the creditor’s response. If the creditor agrees to remove the late payment, they will forward you confirming through the CFPB website that they are doing so. Hence, the CFPB has provided consumers with an effective tool in dealing with such issues.

In spite of this creditors often can brush aside such requests and stick to their position.  Bank of America, Chase, Ford Credit, Citibank, GM Financial, in particular,  are very stringent when it comes to removing late payments. For these creditors very often legal action is required.


Final Option - Filing a Small Claims Lawsuit Against the Creditor

Finally, if the first three steps do not yield results, then something I help my clients with is filing a small claims suit. In my experience, judges will rule in your favor if you prove wrongdoing by the creditors and can show monetary damages. Proof of monetary damages could include documentation that you were turned down for credit or received unfavorable financing terms, due to the specific late payment. Simply filing a suit will not make the creditor buckle. The case has to be strong and well documented. Even in the event, the creditor does not show up to court, the judge will still look at the merits of the case and rule accordingly. So normally I would recommend hiring an experienced professional if it comes down to filing a suit.


Ali Zane

About the Author: Ali Zane

Ali is a credit repair coach, writer, public speaker and consumer advocate for fair credit reporting practices. He's a practicing LDA in California Superior Court and currently serves as the CEO of Imax Credit Repair Firm. More posts by Ali Zane

144 thoughts on “How to Remove a 30 Day Late Payment From the Credit Report

    1. Hi Paolo, yes Macy’s has a dedicated credit bureau dept that looks into late payment removals. Normally they’ll be more understanding if the late occurred due to an oversight and not due to financial inability to pay

  1. I have an issue with Chase where I was charged an annual fee by a company whose service I thought I canceled, and as a consequence I incurred a 30 day late payment, what can be done about this?

    1. Hi Frank, reach out to Chase by phone and ask for their credit bureau department. If the charge was refunded they should reverse the fees, otherwise reach out to me and we’ll figure out what options we have available to help

  2. Wanted to share that your method worked in getting a stubborn late payment I had with Bank of America, as my husband forgot he had disabled our auto pay. It was a tedious 2 months that I had to hounded them every few days, but it worked, thanks so much for sharing this information !!!

  3. I may contact you regarding a a chase late payment. The maturity date passed and all that was left was interest on the account. I was unaware that I had to pay that all in my last payment and the late payment on my credit sank my points by 93. Im under contract to buy a house so this is the worst time. I mailed a dispute to Chase and paid off the loan. Hopefully and prayfully they will remove the late payment. If anything, I may contact you further.

    1. Hi Charles, reach out to Chase by phone and specifically as for Chase’s credit bureau department. This is the dept at Chase that makes all decisions for late payment removal, explain to them the situation and see what they say. If they don’t agree, to remove, reach out to me.

  4. I recently had fraud charges incurred on my credit card with Macy’s and they are in the process of investigating, what can I do to get my credit score back up to where it was ?

    1. Hi Doris, simply wait for Macy’s to conclude their investigation, after that you can call their credit bureau dept directly and have them remove the late payments. Keep in mind they’ll only remove the lates if they determine that the charges were fraud. If they determine that they were not fraud, then reach out to me at [email protected]

  5. Hello Ali, just a few weeks ago, my dad ended up falling behind on his First Premier credit card where I’m an authorized user, this card is reporting on my credit too and now is reporting a 30 day late payment, what should I do ?

    1. Hi Doris, this is a simple fix, just have your dad call First Premier, and get yourself removed off the card. Also request them to delete the entire account from the credit report. They don’t allow this for joint users ,but they’ll do it for an authorized user, so you’re good !

  6. Hello, I have a charge-off that occurred due to me not receiving mail at my correct address, the charge-off was from Synchrony Bank for a $44 balance for a store purchase that was put on a new card. I’m yet to pay this bill, what options do I have.

    1. Hi Viola, Synchrony normally is receptive to removal requests if it could be proven you didn’t receive the statements. Check with Synchrony what address was put on the initial app, if the store clerk put in your wrong address, then sending Synchrony a copy of your id may suffice to prove the wrong input address was not your fault and request that give this was a store error, that they remove the item in exchange for payment.

  7. Ok so I have this Capital One card late payment that was incurred due to an annual fee, the card was not even active, but there was an annual fee posted and it just destroyed my credit score.

    1. Hi Ajit, do call Cap One and request a courtesy removal, perhaps send them proof that you had enough money in your bank to make the payment.
      If this doesn’t work, reach out to me, I’ve got a very good success rate with Capital One

  8. My husband and I have been struggling to get a late payment removed, in order to get a home loan but our credit score has been significantly impacted by a Capital One late payment. We were traveling at the time and thought an auto pay was set up, however it was not. This led to a $100 missed payment which tubed our score 80 points.
    I have already engaged capital one and they refused. Can you help ?

  9. Hi Ali, can you tell me how long this process may take to resolve, if I was to hire you instead ?

    1. HI Tammy, depending on the creditor and the circumstances surrounding the late, it could take anywhere from 30-90 days to resolve a late payment issue. Do shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know the story behind and the late payment so I can provide you with a free consultation

  10. Hello Ali, this is a really helpful article, super excited about rolling the dice on this and try to get a Capital One late payment off and will let you know how it goes!

    1. Hi Nina, thanks for the words of encouragement, wishing you the best of luck on this endeavor. Reach out to me if you’re unsuccessful

  11. So I tried to get a late payment removed for my auto loan that was due to a problem with my auto payment, but the lender has said this was not their fault, even though I had enough money in the bank to pay? Any luck you’ve had with Chrysler Credit ?

    1. Hello Rebecca, do let me know exactly what the problem was with the auto pay, also were you signed up for mailed statements or online statements? Yes, we’ve had success with Chrysler before, email me directly at [email protected] or call me at 866-611-4629

  12. I have a charge-off account from Synchrony Bank that was 180 days late and was incurred due to a problem with billing, I paid them but they are not willing to remove the account . What options do we have?

    1. Hello Jorge, so sorry to hear about this. Yes charge-offs are a tougher item to get off the credit report, reach out to me about this and we may have some options, I’d like to know the entire story and circumstances that led to the lates. You can call me directly at 866-611-4629 or email me at [email protected]

  13. I saw that you had mentioned that late payments can’t be removed with credit bureau disputes, why is that and do disputes ever work in certain cases ?

    1. Hi Nicole, you read right. Basically creditors keep records on file normally for upto 4 years from the time an account closes down, so if you dispute an account that closed down less than 4 years ago its not likely to come off. Even less likely for a late to be rectified with a credit bureau disputes is if the late is on an open account. Since open accounts update every 30 days , even if the late is removed somehow it will come right back on within 30 days when the creditor re-updates the account. Hope this sheds some light on why credit bureau disputes don’t work for recent lates.

  14. Hi Ali, after trying your method with my local credit union, I finally got a letter stating they will be removing the late payment from the credit report. Wanted to thank you for sharing this info !

    1. That’s terrific news Raphael ! I’m so glad this helped. Now that you’ve got the letter of late payment deletion the credit bureaus should update the account around the time the billing cycle for your account ends

  15. Hi Ali any luck with getting Bank of America to remove a 90 day late payment from the credit report, I incurred one while I was traveling earlier this year and they don’t seem to budge on this.

    1. Hi Michelle, Bank of America is a tough creditor to deal with , do call me directly at 866-611-4629 to discuss

  16. Does this method work for collection accounts as well, as I ‘ve got many unpaid collections from 5-6 years ago that are all medical related

  17. My score absolutely tanked due to a fraud charge that came on my capital one accounts, which led to a late payment. What can I do about this?

    1. Hi Daniel, if you can get CapOne to reverse the fraud charge then they’ll likely remove the late payment as well. They should comply if the entire minimum payment that was due was all due to fraud charges and not legitimate charges. Reach out to me if they don’t agree to remove it, I’ve got some contacts at Cap One that would be able to help

  18. At around late last year, I was in the hospital and fell behind on my credit card payment for Comenity Bank. I was about 60 days late and when I got back home I paid the entire $200 balance off. I’ve reached out to them but they’ve stuck to their position. What else can I do?

    1. Hi Evelyn, so sorry to hear about your health issues. I’d suggest drafting a letter to Comenity and providing them with proof of your hospital stay and proof that you had enough money in your bank at the time to pay them.
      If they don’t agree to remove, then reach out to me and I’ll have some more options for you.

  19. Hi Ali, I’ve tried every darn thing with Citibank to remove a late payment they reported for March 2016 for my mortgage due to me transposing the mortgage payment amount, which was not sufficient to cover the minimum payment. They’ve stuck to their guns, even their executive department turned me down. What can we do at this point ?

    1. Hi Abigail, as of recent my associate attorney has been having good success with Citi based on a particular credit reporting disclosure. I’m confident we can get this done. Give me a ring at (323) 983-8973

  20. Ok so my husband and I recently were in escrow to get a mortgage and we forgot to make our Paypal credit card payment and this brought our score down by 100 pts. We have about 45 days to close, wanted to know what options we have that would be quick.

    1. Hi Mariana, so sorry to hear about this, first make a quick phone call and see what happened that led to the late and see if they’ll be willing to make a goodwill adjustment. They may sometimes agree if the late was due to an annual fee, fraud charge, or incorrect charge that needs to be refunded. Either way call them asap and if they don’t agree to remove, reach out to me .

  21. Hi there, I hired Lexington law to remove a late payment for my Comenity Bankcard and nothing really happened. So I’m skeptical about if credit repair services can help. Please advise on what you can do different

    1. Hi Kevin, so sorry to hear about this, for Lexington if you do a google search and check out their yelp reviews, you’ll see the majority of folks have similar experiences. They basically send out generic dispute letters which will not remove late payments. The only way to remove them is through an intense negotiation with the creditor and if that doesn’t work, then utilizing the legal option. I’d be more than happy to provide you with a consultation and unlike Lexington, we do not charge until we get the late off.

  22. Hi Ali I’ve got a federal Student loan lote with Navient, that was supposed to be in forbearance but did not get processed and became 120 days late, in addition although I have 1 loan, they’re reporting 5 different loans , please help or advise

    1. Hi Andrea, for the Fed student loan, google for the Department of Education Ombudsman and lodge a complaint against them, in the complaint you want to be very detailed regarding the chronology and the dates, also include proof you had ample funds to make the missed payment. This should get the higher management at the loan servicer involved. Hope this info helps !

  23. Hi Ali, I had a Capital One account which I hadn’t used for over a year, but it incurred a $39 annual fee and it caused a 60-day late payment while I was on vacation, and now they’re not willing to remove this, even though this was their own charge.

    1. HI Rachel, yup Cap One is the notorious repeat offender here. By far I see the majority of late payment issues occur with Capital One late.
      Due to this, I deal with them on almost a daily basis. Give me a ring directly 323-983-8973

  24. Hi, do you have any suggestions on how to get Merrick Bank to remove a 30 day late? I had Set up auto pay over the phone but apparently it wasn’t for the minimum amount, creating a one time 30 day late. As soon as I got a late laymen’s letter I called and paid the account down and set up auto pay for a higher amount. I tried reaching out to them by phone but they wouldn’t budge. From what I’ve read they are a tough bank to get lates removed. This is the only thing holding me back from a mortgage because it happens just 5 months ago.

    1. Hi Ashley, but yes they’re not that easy to deal with, had some success with them using some legal options.
      I’ll shoot you an email here shortly.

  25. I wanted to thank you for sharing this and I decided to give this tactic a try to remove a Synchrony late payment. Luckily the agreed to remove after my second call to them, they determined that statements were mailed back to them that never reached me.

  26. Hi Ali,

    Have you ever had to deal with Fifth Third Bank? I have had a mortgage loan with them for almost 9 years now and have never been 30 days late until last month due to a mis-communication on who paid the bill. I called them and asked if they would remove the late report, but they were not very nice about it and told me they could not due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    1. Hi Chris, don’t be disheartened, this is their standard line to consumers to get you off the phone. I’ll shoot you an email here to discuss this in detail.

    1. Hi Renee, to answer your question, yes, but I’ll need some more info regarding the details of the account, just sent you an email with some additional questions.

  27. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now, and have used it effectively to restore my credit, given I have the time on my hands.
    I know there are numerous credit repair companies out there, some good and some not so good, but none I’ve seen that share the work that they do and educate their clients.
    Keep on sharing this valuable information !

    1. Hi Simon, that’s terrific to hear, I’ll be posting more articles with guides and tips for credit restoration and Fico score improvement within the next month, stay tuned and thanks for your support !

  28. Tried out your method, with a late payment with Synchrony Bank/Amazon card, after a CFPB complaint, they relented and removed the late, thanks for spreading the word !!! I’ll be sure to leave you a great review on yelp too !

  29. Thanks for these suggestions, I’ve tried these techniques but am still getting pushback from Honda Financial regarding a recent late payment. Any suggestions

  30. Thanks so much for the suggestions, I’ve tried everything in the past to address a late with Bank of America, will try your course of action out.

    1. Yes please do so Ben, and let me know what transpires. The bigger banks including BOA are a tougher nut to crack, but best of luck ! If you can’t get anywhere with them then reach out to me

  31. hello I forgot my paypal credit or bill me later account payment and it has been 34 days late I was wondering if I will get reported since paypal docent even report if u have a line of credit with. thank you!

  32. hello I have a paypal credit or bill me later account and I forgot my payment and it has been 34 days will I get reported the 30 day late because paypal doesn’t even report if u have an account with them. Thank You!

  33. Hi i was good paying customer with wells Fargo for over 72 months and for some reason auto payment didn’t work. I called them and reinstated the auto payment. I contacted Law firm to get rid of 30 day late payment, who asked me to dispute all the three bureaus. I received the letters from all three bureaus stating the 30 day late payment has been verified. I spoke to wells fargo who opened the escalation case again. Please advise what to do, as it is causing a lot of pain and suffering. I am graduating soon and this may impact my ability to acquire apartment and other financial situations.

    1. HI Raj, Wells is notorious for dragging their feet on late payment issues. And yes bureau disputes are absolutely ineffective to remove 30 day lates.
      Only way to get this off is if Wells Removes the lates.
      However see what happens with the escalation case, however, find out what happened that led to the auto payment being de-activated.
      You have to find out who’s at fault here, so call Wells and uncover the facts.
      They’ll be more likely to remove it if this was their error instead of an error from your own bank.
      If they don’t agree to expunge this , then reach out to me and I’ll be able to help.

  34. My dad got a car from CarMart and added my name on it to build my credit. Well it did not really work as he ended up falling behind on the loan. I tried to tell CarMart that I was not the primary but they refused to remove the late. Please help

    1. Hi Christopher, sorry to hear about this. Carmart won’t remove just based on the fact that you were a co-signer on the loan. You’ll need to show why the late occurred and make a case that it was not due to financial inability or willful negligence.

  35. I contacted wells fargo about a skip payment in nov of 2014 for dec. I stated that I was calling because I didn’t want to hurt my credit but was going through a divorce and could use the extra money for the holidays. The gent stated that they didn’t have a skip payment but what he could do was break up dec payment over the next 6 months. I didn’t find out for a year but they reported me 30 days late 1/15 – 6/15. I have been attempting to get them removed out of good will but they are saying “ethically” they can’t because it’s based off of the original note. I don’t think this is fair as they offered it to me. Had I known I would have just paid the payment. Are their any options?

    1. Hi Kevin, file a complaint with the CFPB against Wells Fargo and someone from their executive dept would pick up the case. If this doesn’t work then we’ll need to look into legal action against Wells.

  36. Have you dealt with First Premier Bank Card? I have a 30 day late payment I been trying to remove with a goodwill but I have yet to hear from them.

  37. Having a hard time removing a 30 days late from first premier bank card. I sent in goodwills and have yet to hear from them. What should be my next step?

  38. I have not had a 30 day late in over 10 years. Recently in an accident and failed to pay Comenity/Eddie Bauer. I have since paid the balance off but they reported a 30 day late as I paid on 10/23 for bill due 9/13.
    I called and was told to write a letter. What can I do to get this off. My score went from 752 to 665.

  39. I just got a 30 day late mark on my credit from Target red card. Oversight on my end and I just missed the cut off time for a payment. Have you had success with Target?

  40. Hi Ali,

    I’ve been trying to get missed payments removed that occurred when I shipped out for military basic training. I used Lexington Law for a few months and they did nothing for me. I’ve worked hard on tying up a few GoodWill letters I was going to send in, and I was wondering if you think this would work or if I could get your opinion on my report?

    1. Hi Austin, sorry about your negative experience with Lexington. Basically, goodwill letters don’t have a high success rate. I just sent you an email with some more details.m

  41. Every had luck with VW Credit – I was 1 day after the 30 day cut off – They won’t budge or help – They said they are Black and white and don’t make any exceptions. Any luck with them?

  42. Ali been following your blog for a while, I’ve grown tremendously through it and now even considering starting my own credit repair company. Would you like to collaborate?

    1. Hi Allex, good to see this has helped you, kudos on deciding to start a new business, although I’m stretched thin and can’t collaborate, I can guide you to the right resources.

  43. Awesome stuff, I’ll say this is the most comprehensive plan I’ve seen to remove 30 day lates, I’ll get on it to remove my recent Cap One late

  44. HI Ali, I have capital one 30 days late payment in 2015 and 2017 which is hurting my credit score. I went through some credit repair consultants to have it removed but it didnt work out.
    Please let me know if you would be able to help me in getting this removed and how much would you charge for this.


  45. Ali, I’ve been dealing with a 30 day late with Amazon/ Synchrony but they’re not budging, can you help professionally ?

  46. Hi Ali, just wanted to thank you for putting this out the the web, this helped me repair my credit, you’re an angel !

  47. I had a payment for my mortgage go 30 days late even though I paid the bill on time it was short $4.00. They increased my payment and I didn’t notice it until 7 days to late. I’m a customer of NBT bank 8 years no late payments in 20 years till now. I’m fico dropped 100 points. Please help.

  48. Hello Ali, I’ve been going back n forth with Santander bank over payments in regards to my heloc over 2 years. I had one payment that was reported late because due to insufficient mailing address. they had everything correct except for the apartment. Because of this my account was locked and closed. I was making payments through the Santander website which takes 3 days to clear. Now i’m paying from my bank online that now takes up to ten days. I have been charges late every month on my credit report. I’ve tried every form of disputing including the CFPB providing proof of payment with no resolution.

  49. Hi Ali,
    I have a 30 day late payment with chase ( my mortgage ) I have never been late with any of my creditors in fact I had 100% payment history .I did pay late due to my child being hospitalized in another three hours away . I take full responsibility , but I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions ?
    I had a credit score of 840 and now I have dropped by 90 POINTS. I called but I had a rude person who flat out said no she wasn’t forgiving or going to change anything . I made sure I was extremely patient, nice etc .

  50. Hello. Any luck with getting Santander Consumer to remove a 30 day late on car note? It was only 1 day past the 30 days due to the Federal Governement Shut down. They said they do not do goodwill letters and will not help me at all. I had called as well and told them it will be 1 day late and they said that was fine, but there is no record of my call. Any contact information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  51. Good morning Ali,

    I have a Premier CC. Due to a complete oversight, after years of no lates, I have a 30 day past due. I’ve paid it as soon as I realized it. I’ve called and requested they remove it since it was just an oversight and they said they can’t. Do you have any suggestions.

  52. Have you had any luck with removing a 30 Day late from GM Financial? I’ve never had any lates on my credit report, and current score is above 800. I just had a baby, and missed the one payment. (My fault). I’m afraid of how much my score is going to be affected, I’ve always been Tier 1 credit. I’ve tried calling and speaking with their credit department, but they say they never remove any lates, unless it’s their error. Have you had any luck with GM?

  53. Hi Ali,

    I had my Target credit card bill being paid through a 3rd party bill payer (PRISM) however in the last couple of months Target repeatedly designated my account as locked (even though I had the right credentials and unlocked it a few times upon request) so my bill never got paid and they marked me 30 days late on my credit report. I’ve had a perfect credit history with them since 2006. When I spoke with them (twice) they said there’s nothing they can do and to call the credit bureaus to dispute.

  54. Hello – Regional Acceptance just posted 30 day late after miscommunication of payments and a GAP claim. I tried to make payment while travelling and it looked like their site scheduled. Did not work, paid again 4/01 (Was due 3/27) and it was reported as 30 day late 4/02. Can you help?

  55. Any luck with Regions Bank credit card? Made a payment in Jan of last year but apparently it was shy a few dollars and they issued a 30-day late. No luck with front end reps so far.

  56. Hello,

    What is the cost for credit repair? after having very good credit for many years i had a set back. I was divorced, my best friend (Brother) past away, my mother and father got sick, and i guess it took a toll where i had o see a doctor due to depression. I fell behind and became irresponsible and accumulated late payments on my car loan. I had my sister take care of the issue. But she was using the wrong bank account to make the payments and so i got delinquent. There is more to the story, but prefer to consult with you verbally.

    Thank You, and hope to hear from you soon.

    Marco Valdivia

  57. Hi Ali ,

    This site is super helpful. About to engage with Bank of America, fingers crossed. Have not had one late payment in 10 years and ended up with a one 30-day late payment for an old BOA card that I used to order something online (don’t visit this site often and didn’t realize I had linked my BOA card to it). The balance was roughly $85 and the payment was $25. In any event, I missed this. Pretty sure the due date fell in line with some travel days for work. Going to do my best to get this removed. May reach out to you and your services if I’m unsuccessful. This will be the only blemish on my credit report and I really would like to have it removed, if possible.

  58. Hi Ali,

    I have a charge-off with Discover. However, at one point fraudulently activity has occurred where someone canceled my card and Discover issued a new one to an out of state address. I wasn’t aware until I called to find out how much was my minimum payment would be and they stated that the card number I provided was cancelled. How can I get this removed from my credit report?

    1. Hi Theo, they’re very tough to deal with. In California there maybe some options, if you’re out of state, I’ll need to look at the scenario in detail to see what we can do. If you’ve got a report, do fwd it to [email protected]

  59. hi. what about late fees. i was late every month for 1yr at bofa and late fees of 38kept adding up. i could just never catch up but made a pmt every month. they sd they only waive 1fee per year. anything that can be done here.?

  60. Hello Ali, I’ve a joint mortgage through my credit union. Due to bad timing with my balance, I did not have the full amount available at the time of auto-pay and we’ve been hit with a 30. Since it’s joint, do we contact the creditor separately to make goodwill requests or do I make a sole request since I’m the primary? Also, if the creditor agrees to a goodwill, the late will be removed from my joint partner’s account?

    1. Yes Ark, the late will be removed off both account holders if they agree to remove off one.
      So just one request is fine.
      If they don’t agree , reach out to me and I may be able to help in getting the matter resolved, using more advanced means.

  61. I had a vacuum financed through Bay Finance LLC (over a year ago). I made 2 payments and then received papers in the mail stating my account had been sent to another finance company (Aqua). I never filled out any of the paperwork for this new finance company and have continued to make my payments to Bay. On my credit report it shows that my payments are on time but my Bay account is closed. The new finance company has an incorrect amount on my current balance, can I dispute this as “no contract” and get it off my report? Am I actually required to repay considering I never agreed to the new contract that they sent?

    1. Hi Wendi, the contracts may state that the debts can be transfered over to a different lender, so this debt would still be considered valid and given its so recent disputes won’t be the way to go

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