THE MOST EFFECTIVE CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM Advanced Disputes, Regulatory Complaints & Lawsuits ...

STEP 1. Credit Bureau Enhanced Challenges, Creditor Compliance Demands

Most companies are limited to generic credit bureau disputes, goodwill or simple validation requests. Imax, exceeds this in its very first step, using pre-litigation enhanced credit bureau disputes, directly engages the creditors and audits their compliance information for your account.

STEP 2. Regulatory complaints and Intent to Sue Notices

Here regulatory complaints against the bureaus, creditors and collectors are filed, who are also served impending litigation notices to force deletion of accounts and late payments.

Step 3. Attorney Intervention and Lawsuit filings

Finally based on discoverable violations, our associate attorneys will engage the creditors or credit bureaus to demand deletion and will file lawsuits when necessary.**


  •   It was a pleasure to work with Ali and Juan. I had two very small collections from couple years back that I was trying to resolve it on my own  by working directly with the collection company. The collection company was notoriously known for not removing anything off the credit even if you offered to pay. I also had inquired  with couple other credit repair companies and they told me it would be difficult and time-consuming process. I called Ali based on the Yelp reviews and he assured me that he would be able help me out with collection removal.  I had a pleasure working with Ali and Juan, the process was straightforward and simple. Within 90-days they were able to remove both accounts off my credit report and my credit score shot up 60 points. You only pay them if they are successful in removing the accounts. If you have credit collection issues and need help - this is a no brainer company, CALL THEM.

    thumb Milind P.
  •   This company was very helpful answered all my questions and even said if anything came up on my report that I was not sure about to contact them and they would help.  

    Did not take any money from me.

    Thank you

    thumb Ted j.
  •   Ali is truly amazing. I have been trying for years to get rid of 2 bad accounts on my credit.
    Within 1 month, he was able to get Capital One to completely delete their tradeline off all 3 of my reports.
    He is still working on my second account, but he has been completely transparent and extremely communicative.
    If you have the funds to afford Ali, don't hesitate to get a consultation.

    thumb Anthony B.
  •   thank you so much for the help Mr. Ali, It was such a blessing to meet you and helping me out for our credit needs. You Have a heart to help people like me who is very desperate in this cases. I will highly recommend you with all my friends and relatives who also desperately needs your service thank you for your advice and recommendation. May God Bless You

    thumb Rein d.
  •   Great advice on improving your credit score and tips and tricks. Honest and transparent.  Even if you're credit is on good shape, I'd say give them a shot, you may gain valuable insight.

    thumb Roy W.
  •   I don't really leave reviews, but Ali was exceptional. Ali was patience and very professional. He was quick at responding back to me even during COVID 19. I had an issue with my auto loan which affected my credit score which ultimately was preventing me from getting a good rate for a mortgage. He provided guidance to a solution for my case. I feel that he is not really in for the money, but  just want to help people so they can achieve their goal.

    thumb Tyson L.
  •   Very honest person and ultra professional
    If you looking for honest advice and good work this is the place you put your trust in

    thumb Abdullah S.
  •   Ali and Jose were amazing to work with even during covid19. There was an issue with one of my credit cards that was impacting my credit score that I didn't know how to resolve it. They went ahead and did everything for me and got the lender to remove the negative impacting mark from my credit within about a month. I can't thank enough Ali and Jose's professionalism and their constant follow up / guidance through this whole procedure. I wouldn't be where I am today without their expertise and clear communication of expectations. If you have any issues with credit these are your guys!

    thumb Luke H.
  •   Mr Zane has provided me the assistance without charging me a penny. He asks for what the prob is and gave me step by step instructions since with the situation I had I was able to resolve it myself.

    thumb Annette N.
  •   Ali was amazingly generous with his time and knowledge. He provided  me with much needed information about a complex credit problem I was having. It was a form of Identity Theft that I didn't understand and he laid out a series of steps to take to resolve it. He was a great listener and validated the stress I'd been feeling. His support & advice meant the world to me. After talking to him, I felt as if a thousand pound weight lifted off my shoulders. Before his call, I was a wreck trying to figure out a strategy to remove between 45-60 errors per credit bureau. After his call, I felt focused, confident and hopeful since I had the answers I'd been looking for and finally had a clear cut strategy. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him.

    thumb Julie R.

Our Commitment To Excellence


Over the last 14 years I’ve helped hundreds of folks improve their credit to get approved for a new home or mortgage refinance. If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, I’ll work closely with your lender (or help you find one) to base your credit repair program with the specific goal of getting you that mortgage approval.


In addition optimizing your score loan approvals, I’ll help you understand the fundamentals of credit reports and credit scores. You will know exactly how to build and maintain your credit score. You’ll learn what balances to keep, what kind of accounts to open and which ones to close.


Unlike other companies with a one size fits all solution, at Imax you get your very own personalized credit repair program, that focuses on your personal goals and motivations of loans you want to acquire in the future. Your goals and dreams are important to me!

Improve credit score with 100% success!