IMAX CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES The Most Effective Credit Repair Program

STEP 1. Credit Bureau Enhanced Challenges, Creditor Compliance Demands

Most companies are limited to generic credit bureau disputes, goodwill or simple validation requests. Imax, exceeds this in its very first step, using pre-litigation enhanced credit bureau disputes, directly engages the creditors and audits their compliance information for your account.

STEP 2. Regulatory complaints and Intent to Sue Notices

Here regulatory complaints against the bureaus, creditors and collectors are filed, who are also served impending litigation notices to force deletion of accounts and late payments.

Step 3. Attorney Intervention and Lawsuit filings

Finally based on discoverable violations, our associate attorneys will engage the creditors or credit bureaus to demand deletion and will file lawsuits when necessary.**


  •   I did not get to use Ali's services (yet) but I inquired about a potential credit situation and whether he would be able to help. Ali was responsive to my emails, and genuinely helpful. Although I didn't get to use his paid services, I have zero doubts that he'd be a pleasure to do business with. Thank you Ali.

    thumb Ted H.
  •   I rarely leave a Yelp review, but Ali and his team fully deserve it. I had a late payment posted from Credit One bank after 5 months of my account being closed with them and the balance being fully paid off.

    I contacted their customer service, wrote them letters and e-mails, and for months struggled to get any results done. I engaged Ali and his team to fix this issue and to my amazement they were able to get this issue resolved with Credit One in less than a month.

    His company and his team are by far the best in business and I will certainly highly recommend them to all of my colleagues and friends.

    I also reached out to Ali about another issue I experienced with Amex, and he just consulted me on what I should do rather than jumping at an opportunity to take on the case (and I offered it to him). I really love the fact that he invests his resources to maintain customer relationships for a long time and not strictly focused on 1 off wins.

    Thank you Ali and Imax credit team.

    thumb Alexander D.
  •   I must have talked to 10 credit counselors/advisors before I found one I was comfortable working with. When I talked to Ali, I knew immediately I wanted to do business with him. He gave me personal attention and great advice. He was very honest about his fee and what I would get. I was not disappointed!  

    His team (Jose) engaged with me quickly and very professionally. It has been a pleasure working with Imaxcredit. Best of all, the approach they took has been very effective and has worked quickly.

    You will not be disappointed by Ali and Imaxcredit. I have been thrilled.

    thumb John A.
  •   Amazing! Did EXACTLY what they sought out to do. I'm actually quite shocked as I didn't think they would get rid of as many negative accounts as they did. In Fact deleted all but one including Portfolio recovery accounts which are a huge pain! Appreciate the not paying until they are gone so no rip off!!! Great business and people over there.

    thumb M P.
  •   These guys are the most reputable and honest company around.  Ali and his team go out of there way to help and give great advice.  They helped me with my credit tremendously and would highly recommend these guys to anyone.

    thumb Sean P.
  •   Hands-on the best talented individual I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
    It's not only the final result which was removing late payment on my credit report, The whole process was so professional and I'm so deeply impressed with how smooth everything went through.
    I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for any kind of credit service to contact Ali, you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you Ali.

    * Update *
    Thank you again Ali!!!!
    After removing a late payment from Macy's was Relatively more simple another big Win for Ali.
    He had removed a late payment from chase after they kept refusing to even speak to us about the issue and we had to take them to curt with Ali's guidance and FULL support and help.
    I can't thank you enough this is honestly the best service I ever received you you deserve every cent.

    * 2nd update *

    Adding another update after my credit went from 672 to 807 ( picture attached)

    thumb Shiran K.
  •   I had a few questions about hard inquiries and Ali was very helpful and honest and he said that at this point my credit issues can only solved by me paying off my debt as much and fast as I could. He was quick to respond and very generous with his free advice!

    thumb Juli H.
  •   Ali got back to me asap and explained to me that his team could not help me with my financial needs but he pointed me in the right direction and he was very honest on what he thought I should do. Thank you !

    thumb Irvinne O.
  •   Ali was able to remove the collection item on my credit report within 45 days! My credit scroe is now back to 750 from 660. He was very patient and thoughtful during the process, and I am impressed how honest he is because he said it was not much effort so he didn't charge me! I would recommend him to anyone who have credit issues.

    thumb Lan M.
  •   Ok let me tell you my story:

    Last October I made a payment for my vehicle on their app. 30 days later I logged in to make the payment for month of November. To my surprise there was 2 months worth of payment pending, so I just made the payment. Then 20 days later I was checking my Fico on my chase application, and realized my score has sunk by 110 points!! That was where my war with xxxx Financial started. I first called them, then wrote them a letter. Absolutely no response what so ever. Then against the advice of all of my friends, I started looking for a credit repair company. Every single company I ran into had some bad reviews or story of people being ripped off, except for this guy. I was like this guy is as good as gets. I gave him call we met the day after. I gave him all the document, and he started from there.
    He first wrote them a letter, obviously no remorse. Then he Filled a lengthy and extensive complaint with  both CFPB and BBB. Xxxxxx financial came back with bunch of BS, refusing to remove the late payment. Then as the last resort Ali filed an Actual Lawsuit against xxxx financial in small claims court!
    Surprise, a lady from legal department of Xxxx Financial called me a week later. Now xxxx Financial  was willing to compromise!!
    After a week of back and forth on the phone, they decided to remove the 30 days late from my credit!!! So moral of the story you have a late payment or any derogatory mark on your credit contact this guy. He's not Jesus but he will do his best and exhaust all available resources to fix it. Oh and the fee he's charging might sound a bit high to you, but go get some quotes from attorneys doing this! Wish whomever reading this review success removing whatever they're trying to remove from their credit.

    thumb Fred T.

Our Commitment To Excellence


Over the last 14 years I’ve helped hundreds of folks improve their credit to get approved for a new home or mortgage refinance. If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, I’ll work closely with your lender (or help you find one) to base your credit repair program with the specific goal of getting you that mortgage approval.


In addition optimizing your score loan approvals, I’ll help you understand the fundamentals of credit reports and credit scores. You will know exactly how to build and maintain your credit score. You’ll learn what balances to keep, what kind of accounts to open and which ones to close.


Unlike other companies with a one size fits all solution, at Imax you get your very own personalized credit repair program, that focuses on your personal goals and motivations of loans you want to acquire in the future. Your goals and dreams are important to me!

Improve credit score with 100% success!