The Most Effective Credit Repair Program

STEP 1. Credit Bureau Enhanced Challenges, Creditor Compliance Demands:

CB enhanced challenges, Creditor compliance demands:
Most companies are limited to generic credit bureau disputes, goodwill or simple validation requests.
Imax, exceeds this in its very first step, using pre-litigation enhanced credit bureau disputes, directly engages the creditors and audits their compliance information for your account.

STEP 2. Regulatory complaints and Intent to Sue Notices:

Here regulatory complaints against the bureaus, creditors and collectors are filed, who are also served impending litigation notices to force deletion of accounts and late payments.

Step 3. Attorney Intervention and Lawsuit filings

Finally based on discoverable violations, our associate attorneys will engage the creditors or credit bureaus to demand deletion and will file lawsuits when necessary.**

Our Commitment To Excellence


Over the last 14 years I’ve helped hundreds of folks improve their credit to get approved for a new home or mortgage refinance. If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, I’ll work closely with your lender (or help you find one) to base your credit repair program with the specific goal of getting you that mortgage approval.


In addition optimizing your score loan approvals, I’ll help you understand the fundamentals of credit reports and credit scores. You will know exactly how to build and maintain your credit score. You’ll learn what balances to keep, what kind of accounts to open and which ones to close.


Unlike other companies with a one size fits all solution, at Imax you get your very own personalized credit repair program, that focuses on your personal goals and motivations of loans you want to acquire in the future. Your goals and dreams are important to me !


  •   Ali Zane was extremely helpful. He answered all of our emails and returned our voicemails quickly. He took his time to explain things we had questions about and never charged us any hidden fees.
    He was able to get some late payments removed from my husbands credit which got us a lot closer to where we needed to be for a home loan. On top of that, he had many suggestions that helped us get our credit up even more.
    Thank you again Ali, to you and your team.
    I would definitely recommend going through their company to help fix your credit.

    thumb Zoey S.
  •   Hands-on the best talented individual I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
    It's not only the final result which was removing the late payment on my credit report, The whole process was so professional and I'm so deeply impressed with how smooth everything went through.
    I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for any kind of credit service to contact Ali, you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you Ali.

    thumb Shiran K.
  •   One of the best financial services ever, specially Ali is very truthful person and a very dedicated to his job
    I'm definitely recommend this place

    thumb Ahmed K.
  •   Ali boosted my credit score about 100 points, and was incredibly professional throughout the process.

    thumb John S.
  •   Something popped up on my report that wasn't mine. Ali's advice is clear and concise. It was way easier than I anticipated. I will refer all my friends to him and use him in the future (hope I don't need to but if so). He's super nice and only charges if you can't do it on your own. The best!!

    thumb Rachael M.
  •   I emailed Ali yesterday inquiring about his services. I explained my situation and he responded so fast. He asked to see my credit report, and after reviewing it he got back to me explaining that I honestly did not have major issues. He went in depth on how I could address some of the things that were weighing me down myself without the need to hire his services. He was so detailed and shared some links for further review. He DIDNT have to do this. Or he could have, for a fee. But he just did it.

    WOW!!! I have been on the phone all week with different credit repair companies and all they have done was try to talk me into buying long term services for THOUSANDS of dollars--and not once did any of them ask to see me credit report, they were essentially selling me a one size fits all program. I am so glad I kept looking, because I was so close to going with one of these companies out of desperation and pulling money out of my 401K to pay them!

    Ali, thank you for your time and honesty. I respect your insight and giving me the tools to move forward. I have a friend who runs an extremely successful real state business and I will share your information with her so she can share with her clients. I see why you have 5 star reviews across the board.

    thumb Adriana E.
  •   Ali was incredible...He has integrity, wisdom and experience!
    He will get the job done. His work was beyond my expectations. I have good credit again; bordering on great!

    thumb Juliana T.
  •   Ali is the real deal, I had a few items from my past that I was trying to address, Ali was very gracious to provide me with some insight and develop a self help strategy that will work best to achieve my goals. It is not very often that you find a financial coach that is willing to offer their wisdom free of charge, if that happens to be the best option for you. Call this man, TODAY!

    thumb Shane E.
  •   Ali was really helpful and honest.
    I called to check if its possible to remove one negative item that I have in my credit report.
    Ali was asking me to get him my recent credit report and after he analyzed it he advised me not to use him and not to spend any extra money on it since that negative item will be removed in 2 month.
    His honesty is something really rare this days.
    He could easily charge me for removing that negative item that will be removed anyway but he didn't do it and advised me to wait.

    thumb Allen R.
  •   Ali is a good man. I am a NEWBIE, a total novice when it comes to credit issues and was having some problems getting my credit report and was also a bit worried that I was experiencing some credit fraud. I read the great reviews here on Yelp and decided to give Imax a call. I spoke with Ali for a few minutes. He reassured me that there was no reason to believe that there was fraud. He referred me to a few websites he thought would help me and gave me an email address to write to if I was still experiencing problems.

    Ali was correct. I got the help I needed from those websites. He was also correct that there is no fraud going on. He spent about 5 minutes talking to me giving me free advice which solved my problems. Thanks Ali. I will definitely contact you if I need your credit repair services.

    thumb Gene E.

iMax vs Other Credit Repair Companies

Customized Credit Repair Plan
Zero Upfront Fees
45 Day Process
Zero Fees due if no results produced
Attorney law-suit filing*
Regulatory Complaints filed
Generic one size fits all solution
Charges up front fees
12-18 months to complete
No serious result guarantees
No lawsuits filed
Generic credit bureau disputes

Fees starting from $849


Our Credit Repair Services are geared to produce the best results quickly, efficiently and with as little money out of your pocket as possible. Our program is geared towards clients who desire fast efficient results in order to get approved for mortgages, refinances, lines of credit and auto loans.


Because of the highly customized nature of our credit repair services, fees vary depending on the credit file and the results we produce. Usually, our fees start as low as $849. After your free consultation, you are provided with an estimate of fees and potential results.


Our customized credit repair plan features $0 upfront fees. There are no fees assessed if no results are produced. You are charged only for the results we produced for you.

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